Annie dreamed of her very own teacups over 7 years ago. Bright vibrant colours with delightfully delicate handles, perfect for predicting the future! Her dreams became reality with her paintbrush, and she painted each unique design. 7 images to represent the 7 energy centres of the body. How interesting that it took 7 years for them to materialise. And now, they're on their way. 

Introducing Annie's Cup, the perfect vessel for tea leaf reading.


These 7 cups resonate with symbology, colour and positive intention. Created lovingly to give you a beautiful guide for tea leaf reading, Annie has spent much time perfecting these vessels for all skill levels in the cup reading world.

You can Pre-order your Tea with Annie cup now through Annie’s Shop! Every set is uniquely numbered and signed by Annie O’Reilly with positive intentions for your Tasseomancy journey.

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The Garnet Cup

Root Chakra

Key words: Logic, order, instinct, physical strength, survival, grounding, earth

The Garnet Cup grounds its owner in their relationship with mother earth. The warmth of garnet represents our instincts, survival, physicality and need for logical thinking. It also connects us with the earth and stories of creation. This cup is perfect when calling for holistic guidance and matters of the world, as well as inspiration for kickstarting concepts and ideas.

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The Carnelian Cup

Sacral Chakra

Key words: Happiness, joy, creativity, passion, desire, sexuality

The Carnelian Cup opens its owner to their creativity and joy. The vibrancy of the carnelian cup inspires artistic pursuits and can awaken the excitement and passion felt through ones sexuality.  This cup is ideal for the creator and questions of romance and desire.

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The Citrine Cup

Solar Plexus Chakra

Key words: Personal power, professional success, confidence, respect

The Citrine Cup reflects of the most powerful of energies, offering its owner confidence, determination and success. Sharing tea in the citrine cup is the ideal way to promote self-worth and faith in one’s abilities and can offer guidance regarding great achievements.

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The Malachite Cup

Heart Chakra

Key words: Relationships, emotions, fragility, love, family

The Malachite Cup is the heart of Annie’s cups, a central energy and balance between instinct and enlightenment. The heartbeats within the line work of this vessel reflect our relationships and offer the cup owner the perfect space to investigate feelings and communication. Too, this cup is perfect for all questions of the heart.

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The Topaz Cup

Throat Chakra

Key words: Inner voice, empathy, communication, listening, grace, awareness, counsel

The delicate nature of the Topaz Cup offers the owner a true voice. This cup works as a unique channel for the subconscious to remove barriers and speak freely, often called upon when we feel as though our voice is withheld. The topaz cup is ideal when investigating communication and how to work with one’s thoughts and feelings effectively.

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The Lapis Lazuli Cup

Third Eye Chakra

Key words: Knowledge, analysis, charm, psychic ability, foresight, thought

The Lapis Cup focuses on ones centre of knowledge and translation. Drinking from the Lapis cup connects the third eye to one’s fingertips and can provide the cup owner with a powerful device of foresight in more ways that just the leaves. When balanced, the lapis cup owner is charming and engaging and can use this vessel to not only see into the future, but also rationalise and apply great logic for how to progress in the goals set.

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The Amethyst Cup

Crown Chakra

Key words: Light, transcendence, miracles, immortality, dreams

The Amethyst Cup is the embodiment of all cups before it, embracing the spectrum of light and myriad of questions that our souls look to answer. Sharing tea with the amethyst cup offers its drinker a blank canvas for all questions that may lead to enlightenment and miracles.

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