Early records confirm the use of the pendulum in Egypt for diagnostics, divination and dousing. Little has changed today. We commonly use pendulums to divine for water, minerals and precious metals, to find lost objects and to treat or diagnose ailments. We can also use a pendulum to answer simple yes or no questions, choose a gift, select wine, tea or food from a menu or decide on a vacation destination. The possibilities are endless.

So many methods for use are available but my favourite is the way my granny taught me. I find it to be the simplest of all methods and it dramatically reduces the risk of error.

How to Hold Your Pendulum

Hold the string or chain between the thumb and first finger. Train your pendulum to respond yes and no. Instruct your pendulum to move, as you would nod your head for yes and no. Deliberately move the pendulum for yes and no. The pendulum is now charged and ready for use.


Always prior to asking your questions say a protection prayer. The structure is unimportant. The intent is to keep negative spirits out and positive spirits responding. Ask for strong guidance and help with your queries and proceed with confidence.

Using Pendulum Charts

Literally hundreds of different charts are available. Designs vary and include charts to spell out words and dates, gauge health, offer relationship advice and highlight allergies or recommend supplements and dosage. You can download the 5 charts designed by my father here:
Tea with Annie Pendulum Charts

How Many Pendulums Should You Have

I have quite a collection of different stones for different purposes. Metal or clear quartz for general use, rose quartz for family and love questions, lapis for my super tricky questions and amethyst for my spiritual questions. I also have a collection of pieces for their beauty and others that have been gifted to me. You can never have too many. They vibrate and at different times you will be drawn to different ones. I’ve even found that when a pendulum needs a rest I misplace it or gift it to another.


Obviously metal, plastic and wood are very robust and unlikely to break. If the pendulum is not suited to you don’t be surprised if you lose it. Crystals are quite a different story. They will break. No matter how carefully we keep them and cleanse them eventually when they have done their job they shatter. When this happens it’s time to gather the shards and return them to mother earth from whence they came.