Gioia’s Blend


A joyful herbal blend of Rooibos, chrysanthemum, rose, cornflower and hibiscus, delightfully pink in your cup!

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Annie’s only daughter was born in 2017 on a very special day. Over 1 week late, but very quickly, Gioia joined the O’Reilly clan on her Great Ganny Moya’s birthday! Gioia is exactly as her name describes, a little joy or perfect jewel full of vibrance and heart. She is also the 9th generation of tea reader in the O’Reilly family and has already begun her lessons at the tender age of two.
Gioia loves all things pink and created this tisane perfect for children (and adults) who love a delicious and tangy cup of tea.

Each tea with Annie Tea packet makes 15-20 cups of delicious brew. Serve this loose leaf tea/tisane by placing a small teaspoon of tea directly into your chosen cup and adding hot water. Herbal blends are best brewed at 100 degrees Celsius. for a stronger cup, add more leaves.