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Tea with Annie is the heart and soul of Annie O’Reilly, a Melbourne based Designer and Semioticist with a love of all things Tea.

About Annie

Annie O’Reilly is a highly regarded Semioticist who’s abilities can be traced back 8 known generations on her Irish side. Born in Perth, Australia, and now residing in Melbourne, Annie has become one of Australia’s most loved symbol analysts and mindfulness educators.

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Booking a Tea reading or Tea and Tarot

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Annie adores reading cups and cards for people all over the world. At present, Annie offers Tea Reading or Tea and Tarot in person, and Tea reading online via zoom also. Her little shop in Carlton North is open by appointment for private and small group readings, and Annie travels all over Victoria for Tea parties! 

To book a time with Annie for a private or small group reading, follow the link above. 

Alternatively, if you would like to book a larger event/private event at your venue/workplace/home/function please contact Annie via annie@teawithannie.com or on 0433360316

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Annie's Cups!

In 2012, Annie designed her very own cups for the art of tea leaf reading. Each cup and saucer set reflect a key chakra of the body, resonating through colour and imagery.

The perfect depth for an insightful brew, Annie's cups are bold and vibrant, radiating positive energy for your reading within.
They also possess the sederial star guiding mark within the cup, to assist you as you learn to tell time in your vessel.

Which cup are you drawn to?

You can purchase your own Tea with Annie cup and saucer set NOW! Just visit the Tea with Annie Shop.

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Annie's Reviews

First time getting my tea leaves read by the lovely Annie. Thank you so much Annie, what an amazing experience. Can't wait to see how the next 6 months unfold. - Lorrae
Annie has an amazing gift! I'm very glad I took out my time to come and have tea with her. The insight I received was amazing. Thank you Annie. - Lyn
Annie did a reading for me via the internet. She had utterly no information on me. Her reading was spot-on! And I'm a professional reader myself (past president of the American Tarot Association.) If I lived there, I'd be chatting with her a lot. - Arwen
So Sweet and So Kind you Are I love your Insights and Teachings as I grow with this! - Cindy
What an amazing experience! Loved it and thank you Annie - Michelle
Wow Annie is a beautiful, generous, kind hearted soul. I loved my tea reading, very interesting and informative. Thank you Annie - Kylie
Thank you so much Annie! I had such wonderful experience and would highly recommend Annie to anyone interested in a reading. Annie is welcoming, kind, fun and genuine in her approach. One of the best readings I personally have experienced. Thank you 💖 - Isabel
Surprisingly emotional! Annie is a gentle soul with lots to say in a playful, straightforward yet surprisingly affecting tone. - Justine
Annie, you are one of the most lovable, genuine caring people I've ever met.. You can tell when someone is just so genuine and that is you 110% I would recommend you to everyone who asked. You truly have a gift xx -Emily

Contact Annie

If you'd like to get in touch with Annie, send her an email! If you'd like to book a reading with Annie, you can use the private bookings tab at the top of this website. Annie conducts private readings by appointment at her shop in Carlton North, and will respond to your email as soon as she is able. Please include your phone number in your email.

    A message from Annie

    My heart was drawn to the beauty of tea from a very young age. I would sit outside our kitchen arch, listening to the intricate stories my mother would see in the cups of her friends. Her voice gently whisking them away to a place of excitement, adventure and hope. So I listened, and I learned.

    As a young woman I took to my sketch pad, filling its pages with ornate teacups and saucers, dreaming of holding my own designs in my hands. I have been inspired by the unique and magnificent stories that stem from the tea drinkers themselves, from my beautiful family history and the excitement of growing my own family too.

    For me, Tea with Annie is more than just a girl reading tea leaves. It is my vision for a warm world of delicious tea, a place to create outrageous designs, a growing book of stories from all over the world, and a centre for empowerment of everyone and anyone seeking for a little something more.

    I hope you enjoy sharing tea with me!