Annie has been working away to create a special selection of lovely things that you can own and drink at home including her very own tea leaf reading tea! These three blends are designed to provide tea lovers with deliciousness and beautiful colours and shapes for reading when all the tea is drunk!


Annie’s Blend

Annie’s blend is a delightful mix of Sencha green tea, jasmine buds, red rose petals and mallow flower. Light and delicate, this tea gives beautiful 3 dimensional imagery when gazing into your future.

Roxy’s Blend

Roxy’s blend was created for Annie’s mum. Rooibos, vanilla, chrysanthemum, calendula, rose, mallow and cornflower make this tea amazingly fragrant and prettea and simply perfect for tea leaf reading.

Moya’s Blend

Annie’s Granny’s name was Moya. Moya was a firey lady with a passion for family, food and giving. Annie remembers the warmth in her kitchen and captured this with Moya’s blend. A sweet combination of Honeybush, Lime, Ginger, Orange, Calendula and Cornflower. Like the warmth of Granny’s hugs



The Lady of the Cup,
by Roxy O’Reilly

The Lady of the Cup is a collection of stories, images and instructions on how to read tea and coffee. Written by Annie’s mother Roxy, The Lady of the Cup also includes a fabulous dictionary of images and their meanings so you can learn to read the cups too!